Generative Part Structural Analysis Expert (GPE)

Generative Part Structural Analysis Expert (GPE)

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V5-6R2012 , V5-6R2013 , V5-6R2014 , V5-6R2015 , V5R19 , V5R20 , V5R21


8 hours

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Mechanical Designers


This course will teach you how to use advanced Finite Element Analysis pre-processing techniques and post- processing tools, including the concept of defining virtual parts to avoid excessive geometric modeling.

You will learn how to perform frequency analysis on a single part, and how to use adaptive meshing to achieve pre-defined accuracy.


Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

-       Define and customize the material properties of the parts to be analyzed

-       Apply pressure, acceleration, and force density loads

-       Define virtual parts to simplify the analysis

-       Apply pivot, ball-joint, and user-defined restraints

-       Compute the frequency analysis for a single part

-       Create planar sections to visualize the internal result values

-       Compute and refine a mesh using adaptive meshing in order to achieve the pre-defined accuracy


Students attending this course should have taken the CATIA V5 Fundamentals and Generative Part Structural Analysis Fundamentals courses

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  • Duración: 8 horas.
  • Precio: 185€. IVA Incluido


Todos los alumnos que completen el curso con aprovechamiento recibirán:

 o   Diploma acreditativo de CEPPe, como Educational Partner de Dassault Systèmes

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